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Duration: 14 Days/13 Nights


DATE: November 2019

FROM: $1,000-$1,500 p.p.*

*RATE: Based upon group size




Trekking/Hiking, Historical


14 Days/13 Nights


Camping, Villa

(Accommodations depend on the # of participants)

Guide Type:


Activity Level:


Age Minimum:

18 years


Avg. 75° F (low) / 62° F (high)


43 ft



Join us for a self-supported Expedition in the Andes.

Do you love an epic adventure off the beaten path hiking and camping? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to step back in time and discover ruins? Turns out you can.

Imagine joining a group of like-minded people to hit the trails, explore a remote region with remote ruins, take a deep dive into culture, step back in time, and enjoy the vibrancy of present day life in Peru. 

Journey to Choquequirao, (Cho-ka-key-row) "row" pronounced like "cow,Remains roughly 30% covered, roughly 70% uncovered, and is approximately three times the size of Machu Picchu. 

"Think: Indiana Jones would be Jealous."

This trip is for you if you enjoy getting gnarly on the trail in  rugged conditions. If you can run at least 10 mile trail runs at moderate to high intensity. If you can hike 15 miles with a fully loaded pack, of 30-5o lbs. If you can hike an entire day of steep uphill or downhill. Essentially, this is a long rugged hike days on end and we want you to be sure you feel fit and able. 

This trip is NOT for you if you are unsure of whether or not you can do it. The trail is not the place to take a "trial run" going this distance, trying new gear, or carrying a fully loaded pack. You must come with the fitness and experience to be able to trek for 10 days carrying your gear, personal camping equipment and food. 

Every detail in this journey focuses on our commitment to the local community, to experiencing culture, with the spirit of adventure. Rest under the blanket of the Southern sky, step onto the trails the Incas walked, and steep yourself in nature. 

Step off of the beaten path to take a path to Machu Picchu seldom taken by tourists. Have the opportunity to camp within the ruins of Choquequirao, the sister site of Machu Picchu and the last holding place of the Inca Empire.  

Take time to rest, Get rugged, then digest. We will have time together to gather as a crew before hitting the trail and after trekking to our two peak destinations on the trail we will regroup indoors, under a roof, with access to hot showers. Our accommodations pre and post hiking will depend on the number of people (maximum of 10 people). Shown below is the villa we typically use for trips, but the number of people and booking date will determine where we stay. Relaxing in a large house around a fireplace will be our top choice, if possible. 


Fueling Up, before hitting the trails is a must for this adventure. Although we may choose to grab a lunch on the trail with a local family this is not always an option and not always suitable for all digestive systems. We will be going to the local markets to stock up on fresh grains, oats, nuts and berries, so there is no need to bring those items down from the North. 

Activities, on this trip will peak to vigorous and high intensity at times, a lot of the time. 



Explore a historical site seldom seen by tourists and feel like you have it to yourself

Hike on the trails of the Incas

Step back in time and experience archaeological sites that are still in use today

Camp inside ruins and enjoy nature

Team building and group support throughout the journey