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Bold, adventurous, passionately-curious.


Our travel journey really started when we boarded a plane to India with no luggage.

Actually, it really started right in this very moment captured in this photo, when we said "what is that chimney over there?" This moment unraveled into what would become the travel style we share with others. 

We focus on creating experiences that are authentic. At times, this may mean engaging with the everyday life lived in another persons shoes. We find the extraordinary in the ordinary. 

Our goal is to connect with the world around us. 


We dive deep into culture to find the hidden gems, so you can feel well travelled in a shorter amount of time. 

What we do:


Offerings  Might Include:

We craft unique offerings for community

and connection based around a few simple principals:


The heart and core of what we do is all about culture.

Whether we are in the woods or in a city we recognize that we are guests in someone else's home. When we take a look at the root of the word culture, we look at its connection to the earth. That which is nurtured and tended to grows. We spend our time looking at the elasticity of culture and how it is shaped by society. We highlight the deep roots that shape the identities around the world and bring light to areas of contrast. We always respect what we find. 

Keep it local

Whenever and wherever we try to keep things local. Whether it is a day trip or an international expedition, we try to support those who live in the regions we explore. We recognize that as we move around the world we are often foreigners. Thus it is of upmost importance to us to be mindful of the impact tourism has and where the dollars really go. We live by the motto "Go Global, Keep it Local." 

As compassionate observers we realize that we may think we have thoughtful solutions to issues we are witness to, however, we act with the understanding that the best solutions will come from the hands, hearts, and minds of those impacted daily. As our curiosity is peaked we act with the awareness that our presence has impact. We intentionally seek out experiences that lift up the local culture and identity, and help it thrive, not for the sake of tourism, but to thrive. We empower others by looking for ways to shed the light, shine the light, glow, and grow together. 

  • International Travel

  • Hiking

  • Farm Visits

  • Cooking Classes

  • Artisan Workshops

  • Day Trips

  • Weekend Retreats

Explore not exploit


Traveling is a humbling experience so long as you let it be. Humility allows us to connect with the world around us. We believe that the best life is one that is lived. In the time of a selfie culture we believe in doing more, not just seeing more. We believe in learning through experience. We are active participants.


We believe travel can be transformational and the gift of travel keeps on giving for the years to come. Looking for an sustainable and ethical way to give-back, and knowing the impact experiencing the World can have, we started the Betty Jean Scholarship Fund.


5% of every purchase goes into our scholarship fund and scholarships are awarded "At-Cost." Learn More

Our Style: 


Adventure Travel With a Twist

Yes, we are outdoor gear junkies with backpacks. 

No, we are not backpackers.

We straddle the line of adventure travel to bring people out of their comfort-zones to get familiar with being "comfortably uncomfortable."


However, we like a clean bed and imagine you do too.

You don't need to own a backpack or a tent, or have any clue what it takes to survive overnight in the Andes, that's our job. So while you might be looking to eat street food or explore the outer perimeters, we will get you there, but we wont leave you there to manage on your own. 

You can consider us your expressway to culture without the bedbugs. 

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